Completed Creative Works:

I am seeking representation for my completed memoir / poetry collection, Two Novembers (17,000 words).

My completed literary/historical novel is called The Water-Creatures (86,000 words).


Creative Works in Progress:

My novel The Water-Creatures has three sequels. These are written and edited, but not yet polished.


Selected Published Works:
Just Neighbors Website

Just Neighbors is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving and supporting the immigrant community of northern Virginia. Its mission is to provide immigration legal services to low-income immigrants and refugees of all faiths and nationalities, especially those who are most vulnerable.
Press Release

This press release announced that a popular restaurant signed a lease to occupy a more prominent location in the Kentlands, a new urban community located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
Webinar Summary

Confidentiality Issues summarizes a webinar sponsored by Early Learning Challenge Technical Assistance (ELC TA), a federal program that supports Race to the Top grantees. The document describes with whom, and in which circumstances, data about young children may be shared under the federal privacy laws FERPA and HIPAA. It also cites other considerations surrounding data privacy in early childhood education.
Teacher's Guide

Write It Right is a second-grade teacher’s guide. The guide is eight units long and provides lessons for one school year. It helps second graders learn to write fiction and nonfiction. Published by the Rowland Reading Foundation, the guide is used in schools across the U.S. as part of the Superkids Reading Program. These sample pages are from unit 5, during which children learn to write personal stories.