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Hi, blog readers.

For real, I have lost the ability to talk. There has been some confusion among some of you over the past couple weeks. I’ll try to dispel it; but, honestly, it’s hard to explain. And I’m afraid some of you might not believe me. But it’s the truth.

The brain is a strange place. Two-and-a-half weeks ago, I had a post-concussion syndrome setback from talking on the phone longer than usual. My usual is 1 hour. I talked for 1.5 hours, and BOOM! The setback came on so suddenly, I was shocked.

In the ensuing days, I was unable to talk, but I could run a bit, use the computer a bit, drive a bit.

Then 3 days later, I tried to talk again, but after 7 or 8 minutes, BOOM! another setback.

Okay, two setbacks in a row. What does this mean? I did not know. My doctors don’t seem to know. But through gentle experimentation, I have concluded that it means my recovery period of being able to talk again, at the levels I could talk before, is 6 weeks instead of the usual 10 days. Oops.

So, any of you who have signed up for my Meetup events, only to discover that they are cancelled, or led by someone else, that’s why. Any of you who have requested a phone call or Zoom meeting, and I had to demur, that’s why.

It’s very strange to be able to drive for more minutes each day than I can talk. To be able to run for more minutes each day than I can talk. To be able to use the computer, read, listen to podcasts, and do my PT exercises for more minutes each day than I can talk.

Fortunately, I have slowly been able to start talking again. But it’s been an extremely difficult two-and-a-half weeks, physically and emotionally. My head has been hurting all the time. I feel traumatized. It’s so hard to be unable to pick up the phone and call a friend, when you’re feeling down. It sucks to have to cancel badly needed doctor and mental health appointments. The loneliness has been intense.

I’m going to take it easy on the blog this week. I need a break. So maybe short posts this week, okay? And if you have reached out and want to talk or have a Meetup event, please be patient with me. Thank you, all. Love you all. Have a beautiful day.


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