woman and man sitting in a field laughing

I embedded a joke—or anyway, my idea of a joke—into my blog post 20 Common Spelling Mistakes in English. Did you catch it? A total of zero people contacted me saying they got the joke. So now I’m wondering, are people not realizing I’m joking? Or maybe no one caught it. Or maybe no one said anything. Because why would anyone say anything?

To resolve this question at least a tiny bit in my brain, I’m giving away a FREE TWO-WEEK SUBSCRIPTION to my Patreon emails at the $7 Really Big Fan tier level to the first three people who leave a comment on the 20 Common Spelling Mistakes in English blog post pointing out the joke.

No credit card is necessary to redeem your award. All I will need is the email address you use to leave your comment.

The contest begins . . . now!

Are you laughing yet?

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