girl blowing bubbles

Hi, Blog Readers!

I hope you have been enjoying the photographs featured on Photography Friday. I have been diligently using the time gained to submit my poems to literary journals for publication.

It’s a big job. Each literary journal has different submission requirements, and each time I submit I must make a careful selection of poems, format them to specification, and write and proofread my cover letter and bio. Do this a hundred times, and I just might find some “homes” for my work, as they say in the literary world.

I have also been diligently doing research in preparation for writing my next book. There are several more books I want to read before beginning to write.

My ability to do these things has been wholly dependent on my avoidance of gluten. Truly, I am starting to emerge from my restrictive cocoon to become partly the person I was before my concussion, but mainly someone new.

The other day I received a curious email. A friend of mine explained that she had a spiritual vision of me blowing bubbles as a small girl. She told me that this message from beyond indicated that I would be entering a new period of childlike happiness. I have been so weighted down by my health woes and the pandemic that this hardly seems possible. But I have reason to hope.

Wishing you a very happy Friday,