TV on stand with plant

If you could recommend to me one TV show or movie, released in the past 3 or 4 years, what would it be?

At long last, I am gaining the ability to watch movement on a screen, which was impaired by the concussion I got in September 2019. It’s not that I could not have gained the ability to watch movement before now; it just wasn’t a priority, as I’m more of a book person than a TV/film person.

Recently, I have been practicing watching videos with lots of movement, and I’m almost to the point where I can watch for a half hour straight.

However, note that I can’t handle difficult movement yet. For example, I can’t look at moving windshield wipers (in real life or on a screen) or watch a sport where there’s a ball moving rapidly back and forth. Examples of movement that I can handle include driving scenes without wipers, people walking or talking, and the camera panning or zooming.

I have heard that “Ted Lasso” is excellent, but maybe that’s not the best show for me because it’s about soccer.

What streaming services do I use, you ask? None right now, but I plan to get one, once I figure out what to watch.

Can you help me with that?