snake in Africa

I was recently reading stories by Hemingway. The writing was great. But I did not get swept away by the thought of hunting large game. I’ll view my large game from the other side of a strong set of bars, or an unscalable wall, thank you. Just a personal preference.

I have never been on a safari, never wanted to go on one. Nothing against people who love that kind of thing. High adventure generally isn’t my style. Just a personal preference.

In Harper’s recently there was an article by a woman who goes on a safari, seemingly against her will (Lions and Daughters, by Nancy Lemann). Turns out her husband had his heart set on it, and she and their daughters come along for the ride.

I enjoyed Lemann’s dry wit. For example, she writes this about snakes:

“I had the feeling that my days were numbered. What about snakes? In the movies people who have lived in Africa their entire lives and love snakes get bitten by them and if the antidote is not at hand, it’s all over. I asked them if they have the antidote at hand. They don’t.”

Oh, Nancy, I’m with you in your fear and distaste and general vibe of “I’m here, and I’m trying, but I wish I weren’t!” Great article.

How do you feel about lions and snakes?