TWO NOVEMBERS by Liza Achilles - front cover

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Upon suffering a computer overuse injury and seeking treatment, Liza Achilles fell in love with her physical therapist. As her arms healed, she began writing Shakespearean sonnets addressed to him. Between November 2016 and November 2017, she continued writing poems to chronicle the true story of her ever-changing love life, often putting a humorous spin on her daily struggles of the heart. Two Novembers is a sonnet sequence that carries the beauty and drama of an ancient poetic style into the twenty-first century. View advance praise for Two Novembers.


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Sneak Peek

Selected sonnets from Two Novembers are published online and free to read at these links:

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Published Poetry

My poems have been published in literary journals.

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Published Nonfiction

My nonfiction articles have appeared in various publications.

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Woo-hoo—my fiction won an award!

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Work in Progress

I am working on a new manuscript.

  • Untitled novel: A work of literary autofiction. Started as a memoir. Begun anew as a novel. Presently being worked on.
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Government Publications

Always good to have a day job.

United States Department of Agriculture

I work as Policy Technical Writer as a contractor to USDA. Here are selected publications that I assisted with.

National Forum on Education Statistics

I assisted the National Forum on Education Statistics as writer, editor, and graphic designer. Here are some of the publications I worked on.

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Works in the Proverbial Drawer

The following works are unfinished and on hold.

  • Books 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the Songbird Cycle: Literary/historical novels. This series of four books begins with The Water-Creatures.
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Employers and Clients, Present and Past

I have assisted the following with writing, editing, proofreading, graphic design, and web design. I have also assisted various individuals.
The White HouseQuality Information PartnersEpic Systems CorporationU.S. Department of EducationBlittzed! MediaJust NeighborsBare InternationalRenaissance LearningTaproot FoundationRowland Reading FoundationSeal of the United States Department of Health and Human ServicesLogo of Capital Business ManagementMake A WishArchival ArtsPanum logoUSDA logoExpedite InfoTech