Social Media Intern

I am seeking a high school student to be my Social Media Intern. This position will last the summer. It may also extend into the school year, if you and I agree on this.

I cannot offer pay at this time, though that may be a possibility in the future. However, this internship would look great on a college application.

The internship duties will be to manage my Facebook and Twitter accounts. We will begin by posting every time I release a blog post: three times per week. You will load up a social media post into a scheduler, and I will review it before it is released. Eventually, we will progress to posting three times per day, Monday through Friday. Most of these posts can be loaded ahead of time, so for example you might load up ten all at once, scheduled to be released at different days and times.

You will be given specific guidelines about what to post. You will also have a lot of freedom to be creative and come up with your own ideas. You will also have responsibility for responding to any comments on posts.

If you would like to apply for this internship, please send me a message through my Contact page. In your message, briefly answer these questions:

  1. What grade are you going into in the fall?
  2. Do you like to read and/or write?
  3. Are you good at reading and/or writing? Do you do well in English class?
  4. What social media accounts do you use or have?

Thank you for your interest in being my Social Media Intern!