Thank you for your interest in my writing, editing, and coaching services. I am pleased to offer assistance to people interested in creating polished texts that will help them achieve their goals and dreams.

This web page is a bit long, so I have created links to the different sections. If you already know which service(s) you want, click the last link to jump to the form where you can request a free consultation.


Book Editor

(Or editor of anything—it doesn’t have to be a book)

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You have a book in you . . . or maybe it’s a story, poem, article, essay, report, or website. And you’ve written it—congrats! Now you’re seeking professional editing help. As your Book Editor (or Other Type of Writing Editor), I will provide some or all of the following services, depending on your specific needs:

  • Developmental editing: I will provide comments and suggestions in regard to global-level elements of the piece, such as its flow, voice, narrative arc, character development, content, structure, and overall effectiveness in achieving your goals.
  • Line editing (a.k.a. copyediting): I will provide edits to the more detailed elements of the piece, such as its grammar, punctuation, word usage, and sentence structure.
  • Proofreading: I will read closely and fix any final errors that may remain in the piece, such as missing words, spelling mistakes, and formatting errors.
  • Editing of your revised piece: Upon receiving my edits, you may wish to revise your piece and ask me to look at it again. I will edit and proofread your revised piece of writing, as needed.


(Or any kind of writer—I don’t have to be a ghost)

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You have a book in you . . . or maybe it’s an e-book, email, proposal, plan, website, or blog. You have exciting ideas, and you’re looking for professional assistance in moving these ideas into written form. As your Ghostwriter, I will provide some or all of the following services, depending on your specific needs:

  • Consultation: Let’s talk about your ideas and the direction you’d like to take them, and let’s set some goals and timelines.
  • Ghostwriting: I will write the piece and submit it back to you for your edits or approval. For larger projects, we will work on one manageable section at a time.
  • Revising: I will revise the piece to your specifications.
  • More consultations, as needed: Let’s talk about how the project is going and make sure we’re on the same page.
  • Copyediting and proofreading: Before we call the piece finished, I will read it closely and fix any remaining typos.
  • Formatting and design: I will assist with formatting and minor design tasks, as needed, such as the design of an e-book or the creation of a small website.
  • Confidentiality: I will keep quiet about the fact that your piece was ghostwritten.

Writing Coach

(Or coach of anything related to writing or editing)

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You are a writer, aspiring writer, or student. Writing is hard, and you have questions or face roadblocks. You are seeking a mentor who can guide you through various writing obstacles. As your Writing Coach, I will provide some or all of the following services, depending on your specific needs:

  • Writing coaching: Do you have a piece of writing that you’d like to discuss? Or, do you seek private lessons in composition, plot, character, grammar and usage, or another topic? Let’s work together on your pieces of writing and writing skills.
  • Creativity coaching: Are you struggling with writer’s block, procrastination, or another difficulty? Or, are you new to writing? Let’s focus on topics such as unlocking creativity, kindling the joy in writing, and getting the words to flow.
  • Publication coaching: Are you ready for publication? Let’s focus on final polishing, query letters, submissions, book proposals, synopses, and so on.
  • Teen coaching: Are you looking for help with English class, test prep, or college applications? Let’s work on honing your writing and critical thinking skills and preparing you for educational success.

Mix and Match Services

The Book Editor, Ghostwriter, and Writing Coach options are not mutually exclusive. You can mix and match. For example, combine editing and coaching to receive help with words already on the page plus your process of getting words onto the page. There are many possibilities. Let’s talk about what you’re looking for specifically.

Basically, I offer services having to do with writing, editing, and coaching about writing and editing. If you’re looking for services in these general categories, I can probably help. Just ask me!
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