The Inquisitive One

image of the inquisitive one

Say Hi to the Inquisitive One

“Sometimes I see strange things in the forest. And sometimes strange things happen. Then I think about them. Some might not think these things are strange at all, but I do.”

FAQ About the Inquisitive One

Q: Who is the i.o.?

A: The inquisitive one is a seeker and thinker who has mythopoetic adventures. I chronicle these mythopoetic adventures on my blog.

Q: Is the inquisitive one you, Liza?

A: No. It’s true that we sometimes experience similar events. But that’s mere coincidence.

Q: Where can I read the most recent stories about the inquisitive one?

A: Click here to access the most recent tales.

Q: I want to start reading about the i.o. from the beginning. How do I do that?

A: Click here, scroll down and click the LOAD MORE POSTS button, and keep scrolling down and clicking until the button no longer appears. Then click on the bottommost tale, titled simply The Inquisitive One.

Q: Why do the older i.o. stories have an image of a dog wrapped in a blanket, whereas the newer i.o. stories have an image of a human runner?

A: Some aspects of life are mysterious. However, two tales may (or may not) shed light on this question. Check out this tale, featuring the older image of a dog. Then check out this tale, featuring the newer image of a runner.