Yoda dog blanketed in a forest

The inquisitive one was running on a forest path.

The path took a sharp turn. So the inquisitive one also took a sharp turn.

And then suddenly, the inquisitive one encountered, standing directly in the path, a dog dressed like Yoda! A blanket, with pink and gray plaid stripes, had been wrapped exquisitely around the dog, who seemed to be sitting up inside the blanket. The dog was peering out from the blanket with an expression of wisdom, quiet confidence, and acceptance.

Frightened, the inquisitive one backed away, slowly turned, and ran very quickly all the way back to the trailhead.

It was then that the inquisitive one recalled seeing something, upon turning in the opposite direction from the dog, before beginning to run back. Something had been crouching in the brush . . . something with a camera. . . .

The next day, feeling overwhelmingly curious, the inquisitive one ran that way again. But there was no trace of who and what had been there the day before.