black and white art photo

Let’s talk about how beautiful the human form is.

Let’s talk about the curving of the calf muscle, the bulging of bone and muscle at the ankle, the veins running down the foot.

Let’s talk about the starkness of black and white photography. Let’s talk about the lighting of this particular photo: haunting, yet delicate; revealing some, yet withholding more.

As Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson note in their book F*cked, bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and society often holds one type artificially aloft, whereas natural beauty comes in a great diversity of forms. Actually, it was Hutchinson who made that observation, and she was specifically referring to genitalia.

All right, then, as long as we’re talking, let’s talk about the beauty and importance of sex.

It’s beautiful. It’s important. Just like you.

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