smoke grenade photography

Everywhere she goes, strange things happen.

When she communicates with people, they respond in unexpected ways. And the world itself is bizarre, presenting her with clues that she must interpret and act on, without any aid but her own pluck and acuity—which always seems to result in havoc. How can she make sense of it all?

“Sorry to disrupt the peace!” she cries . . . she being the protagonist of Sorry to Disrupt the Peace by Patty Yumi Cottrell.

A firebrand is someone who creates unrest: an agitator. “I’m disrupting the peace!” a firebrand might cry while intentionally setting fire to a building. In contrast, “Sorry to disrupt the peace!” might cry the accidental firebrand. She was merely being true to herself . . . and look what happened.

Have you ever been an accidental firebrand? Have you ever unintentionally caused so much chaos that you wanted to shout to everyone around you, “Sorry to disrupt the peace!”?