Yoda dog blanketed in a forest

The inquisitive one attended a few runner’s club events and became friends with another runner. They decided to meet, on the following Sunday, at a trailhead and run south along the stream together.

“I grew pumpkins this year,” said the inquisitive one, between breaths while running. “I grew two kinds of pumpkins, one kind to carve and another kind to eat.”

“That’s great!” said the friend, between breaths while running. “You will have lots of fun doing those things. My latest DIY project is building a bar area in the basement. I also want to get a pool table.”

“That’s great!” said the inquisitive one. “You will have lots of fun doing those things.”

And so then, all while running south and turning and running back north, they talked about different kinds of pumpkins and how to carve and eat them, as well as basement bars and how to build them and the difference between pool and billiards.

When they got back to the trailhead, the inquisitive one said, “Running and talking with you was fun. I would love to meet for another run sometime!”

“I hate the pumpkin craze, this time of year,” replied the friend. “Pumpkins are disgusting. Growing them is a bad idea. Most people hate pumpkins. You should grow tomatoes, instead. That’s more normal, anyway.”

That’s when the friend hopped into a souped-up minivan and sped away.