the inquisitive one

There was a Very Important Task (V.I.T.) that had to be completed by 8am on Wednesday morning. And only the inquisitive one could do it.

The inquisitive one was up for the job! The inquisitive one was a trooper!

However, the truth is, the inquisitive one had been experiencing some health issues over the past week and a half. (Quite coincidentally, I have been experiencing health issues of my own. But that is irrelevant to this story. I only bring it up because I want to express that I empathize with the poor inquisitive one.)

The inquisitive one valiantly endeavored to work on the V.I.T. However, whenever the inquisitive one was feeling perfectly healthy, the inquisitive one’s boss sent over work. And whenever the inquisitive one was not feeling perfectly healthy, the inquisitive one was unable to work on the V.I.T. And so it was that 7am on Wednesday morning rolled around, and the V.I.T. had not even been started!

The inquisitive one, realizing that there was no time to complete the V.I.T. as planned, quickly completed the V.I.T. in a different way. And so the problem was resolved! There is a happy ending to this story!

And the inquisitive one, resolving not to think about the V.I.T. that was due at 8am on Friday morning, curled up in a little ball and fell asleep.

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