one giant pink and yellow and blue firework - let's celebrate 2020 - happy new year

Happy New Year! Let’s hear it for 2020! This is our year, . . . the only one we’ve got right now. Let’s make things happen!

I’m excited about so many things I’m planning for this year. Here are just a few of the many upcoming events and activities in the works around here in LizaAchilles-land. What’s on the horizon in your land? And how can I support you in your exciting endeavors? Tell me in the comments!

Mark Your Calendar for January 27: I’m a Featured Poet

I’ve been invited to be a featured poet at an open mic event! Join me at Port-au-Prince Haitian Cuisine, 7912 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland, on Monday, January 27, 2020, at 7pm. This is a fabulous little venue. Happy hour lasts all evening. And if you’ve got poetry of your own to share, you can sign up, on the spot, to take the mic! I’ll be reading poems from my memoir in sonnets, Two Novembers. Looking forward to seeing you there. Would you like to come out and support me? How can I support you in turn?

Coming Soon: an E-Resource for Writers

In early 2020, I will be releasing an e-resource for folks looking to up their writing game this year. It’s called 10 Steps for How to Stop Procrastinating and Write That Book! (or Article, Story, Essay, Blog, Poem . . .) This 31-page e-resource, written by yours truly, lays out 10 steps that are essential to follow if you wish to not just start, but also complete, a writing project. Aspiring authors and seasoned professionals alike will discover valuable tips for how to make the writing process chug along faster and more smoothly. Stay tuned for details on when and how to access this e-resource! What are your professional or artistic goals for 2020?

Physical and Psychological Healing

Yes, folks, 2020 will be all about the groovy healing vibrations. I’ll be lighting lots of candles, swallowing lots of vitamins, and doing lots of head-bobbing PT exercises. I’ll be eating the copious amounts of kale I froze from my 2019 garden and striding up the tallest hills in my neighborhood. I’ll be summoning the great emotional fortitude it will require not to kiss my chickens, however adorable they may be, and I’ll get my flu shot. Uh, maybe I’ll get my flu shot. I really should get a flu shot. In any case, I’ll be sniffing my cinnamon bark—not my cinnamon powder, that’s dangerous, chicas!—and I’ll contemplate unrolling my yoga mat. That last I will do with daily regularity. What are your health resolutions for 2020?