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Hi friends,

For those of you who are writers or have an interest in writing, I have exciting news. My 31-page e-resource for writers is now available!

It’s called 10 Steps for How to Stop Procrastinating and Write That Book! (or Article, Story, Essay, Blog, Poem . . .).

Cover image of e-resource called How to Stop Procrastinating and Write That Book!

How to Access the E-resource

The e-resource is only available to subscribers to the blog newsletter. And it’s only available for a limited time, so don’t delay in downloading it!

If you are already a subscriber:

If you are reading this sentence in your email inbox, you are already a subscriber. A special email will be arriving in your inbox within the next 24 hours. This email will contain a link to a web page where you can download the e-resource.

If you are not yet a subscriber:

Simply fill in the form on this page. Then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.

Once You Have Read the E-resource

I have set up a web page to serve as a forum for readers of the e-resource. Visit this page once you have read the e-resource. In the comments section of this page, people like you who are interested in writing can share ideas and ask questions.

If You’re Not a Writer

And if you’re not a writer, no worries! The blog posts I’m preparing for the rest of this month will be of more interest to you! In upcoming posts, I’ll share more exciting ideas that could enhance your life, as well as more great books to consider reading. It’s going to be awesome. . . .

Have a great mid-January, everyone! I hope it’s peaceful, cozy, and full of books.