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This is a blog post. A blog post is extant in cyberspace. The title of said blog post in cyberspace is This Is a Blog Post. This blog post is digitally located on a web server, somewhere on planet Earth. This blog post may have made its way into your email inbox, through means that are quite cryptic to me, said blog post’s author. The author of said blog post is me, Liza Achilles. Today is Friday, September 4, at approximately 7 am EDT, and I am writing this blog post. I did not prepare a blog post in advance, so I am writing it now. The reasons for not preparing a blog post in advance are multiple. Thank you for reading this blog post. This blog post is happy to be read. This is the last sentence of the blog post.

DID YOU ENJOY THIS BLOG POST? Did you think this was the best blog post of all time? Did you appreciate the wit, wisdom, and all-around exceptionality of this blog post? Was this blog post the highlight of your week? Did you faint upon reading this blog post, out of sheer gratitude and enjoyment? Do you like to support slightly mentally deranged artists like me? Are you that person in my life who verbally promised to become a patron of mine, but who never followed through, but whom it’s impossible for me to hold a grudge against, because I love you dearly? Are you a billionaire who has already contributed to numerous worthy charities, but still don’t know what to do with your money? Do you have a history of being email buddies with multiple Nigerian princes and friends in dire straits in foreign countries? Do you live just down the lane from me, in a big white house, and are gainfully employed, at the moment, but are afraid you might lose your job in a couple months, but are at the moment gainfully employed, and thus must have a few bucks of extra income each month to donate to your local neighborhood blogger, even though you aren’t a big reader or thinker? Are you a human citizen of planet Earth?

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