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Hi, Blog Readers!

As always, thanks for reading my little blog posts.

Thanks, also, for reading those of my blog posts that aren’t so little.

Much appreciated.

I’m feeling the need for a break, so I’ll be in absentia next week.

(Patrons will continue to hear from me as usual.)

It will be a little holiday break for me. And it will rejuvenate me in a not-so-little way.

But this will be a break only from blogging, not from working. I intend to use the week to get things organized with my new business.

I have a few clients already, and I’ll be seeking more in the new year.

Do you have a book in you? Are you in need of professional writing and editing services to help get it into the world? I may be your gal.

But more on that later; I’m not yet organized!

That’s what next week is for.

(But do feel free to reach out now, to reserve time in my schedule before it fills up.)

Thanks all, happy holidays, have a wonderful New Year’s, and I’ll see you in 2021!


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