woman in bath

They said the book was weird. And then, they said, the book got really weird.

This is the kind of book talk that is sure to intrigue a weirdo like me.

So, upon hearing this talk at a meeting of my Silent Book Club, I read the 2019 novel Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson.

My bookish friends were right! This is def a novel that starts out weird, and then gets really weird. It’s also a novel that’s touching and gut-wrenching and beautiful. It’s also a fun, easy read. Highly recommended.

I knew I was going to love this book way back on page 4. The female protagonist gets into a car with a sort of friend of a sort of friend. While driving, they engage in a bit of small talk. Then this happens:

“We just rode in silence the rest of the way, the radio playing easy listening that made me want to slip into a hot bath and dream about killing everyone I knew.”

Ha! I love how this passage starts off completely mundane, gets steamy in the middle, and ends with homicidal thinking. The incongruity of this cracks me up!

I also love the ambiguity of this passage. Does the protagonist always dream about killing everyone she knows while in the bath? Or is it the easy listening music that makes her want to do this? The reader can decide.

This novel is full of similar incongruities and ambiguous statements, and I loved it all the way through.

What do you dream about in the bath?

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