many one-dollar bills aka money

“But freedom isn’t speaking your mind freely. Freedom is having the money to go to Mexico.”
—Nell Zink, Mislaid

Taken out of context, this quote has the ring of wisdom. Freedom isn’t freedom of speech, it’s money.

Cha-ching, bada bing. Thought provoking, indeed.

But while reading the brilliant novel Mislaid, by Nell Zink, you won’t be able to help but notice that the very next sentence reveals that the protagonist is 7 months pregnant.

So the quote is about abortion and the protagonist’s wild, desperate, and not-quite-rational thoughts about how not to be pregnant anymore.

This kind of freewheeling, outrageous wittiness persists throughout the novel, to the very last page. I loved every bit of it. It’s the kind of novel that makes you wonder how the author obtained so much scholarly insight and underground smarts all in the same lifetime, and was able to distill it into a book. She’s a genius.

Is freedom freedom of speech, or is it money?

(IMHO, money is one type of freedom, a very important type—though not the only one—which should never be underestimated.)