snowy landscape

It’s February—how are you doing on those New Year’s resolutions (or other goals)?

If there’s something you really want from life, I’m here to quietly urge you not to give up. So much more is possible than we think. I don’t believe that every imaginable miracle will occur, just through hoping. But small blessings happen every day. Furthermore, small blessings can snowball into large blessings, over time.

Despite having had some setbacks this calendar year, I am making excellent progress on my concussion recovery.

And let me tell you a secret. My medical providers helped me; but I helped myself more. I got some good advice from my practitioners; but I know more about the trajectory of my illness and how my body operates. Living with post-concussion syndrome for years has taught me how to live with post-concussion syndrome. And how to slowly overcome it.

I can do this. And you can work toward overcoming your obstacles.

How are you surviving the winter?