the inquisitive one

The inquisitive one woke up in the morning and went “brr . . .” with the lips, something the i.o. had never done before. The inquisitive one rubbed the eyes. But to the inquisitive one’s amazement, there were no eyes! There was only smooth skin where the eyes used to be!

“Wise Ant!” cried the inquisitive one. “Bring me the mirror!”

“Ha! Only in your dreams,” said the wise ant, walking around the mirror and picking up a crumb instead.

The i.o. sighed and picked up the mirror. The i.o. looked in the mirror, and, indeed, could not see it!

The inquisitive one felt great fright.

“Am I dreaming?” said the i.o.

“Ha! Only in your dreams,” said the wise ant, toting the crumb into a hole in the wall.

“Dress me!” commanded the inquisitive one. But the wise ant had left the room.

The i.o. sighed, got dressed, and flew directly to the chief director of the Washington Metro.