train tracks intersecting

The most interesting studies are at the intersection of two or more fields.

Where did I hear that maxim? I was thinking I had read it in a certain book more than a decade ago; but scanning through it today, I could not find a reference to the idea. Perhaps it’s in there somewhere. Or perhaps one of my university professors mentioned it, and reading the book years ago reminded me of the idea. (I’m thinking of Collapse by Jared Diamond—definitely a synthesis of ideas and evidence from different fields.)

Anyway, the idea has been rolling around in my mind for years, and I noticed that I’ve been writing about it recently, here in the blog.

I wrote posts on the intersection of cosmology and spirituality and the intersection of math and poetic wonder.

I wrote posts on the intersection of quantum physics, history, and philosophy and the intersection of science and history.

And stay tuned for my next blog post: about another intersection!

If you are in college or planning to enroll, or know someone who is, do not doubt the value of a double major (or a major plus a minor with substantial credits, or a major plus a serious hobby or alternate vocation). It’s not necessary to choose just one field of study or interest, and doing so may even restrict one’s mindset and career prospects, in ways that are hard to quantify, but very real.

Where do you see intersections?