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Thank you for the flowers. I am feeling better than I was two days ago, so that’s progress. Today I’d like to share an article I enjoyed from a recent issue of The New Yorker.

The author of the article, Cyrus Grace Dunham, describes their ongoing transition from living as a woman (named Grace) to living as a man (named Cyrus). Dunham shares that the decision to transition was difficult for them. The process entailed self-doubt as well as deep conviction. In this passage, the author shares their experience of transitioning from going by Grace to going by Cyrus:

“When I introduced myself to people, I tried to swallow my words. If someone asked my name, I pretended that I couldn’t hear them. If they asked again, I said whatever came to mind first. I’d tell one person I was Cyrus, then turn to another and say I was Grace. I said ‘Grace’ in a higher pitch. I was considerate, charming—whatever would make the people around me comfortable. Cyrus was quiet. Sometimes he went hours without speaking at all.”

I enjoyed the entire article (and there’s more: they have a book coming out soon, with the same title as the article), but I especially enjoyed the ending. I thought it was a beautiful and insightful ending. But I will not give it away. Do check it out here, if you get a chance.

What life transitions have you undergone? Did you feel that you were mixing self-doubt with deep conviction?*


*Bonus points if you noticed the Shakespeare reference in this blog post!

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