the inquisitive one

The inquisitive one went to sleep on SUNDAY night, as usual.

The inquisitive one woke with the morning light, per usual.

The inquisitive one stretched and yawned, as per usual.

The inquisitive one located the mobile phone, as per always and usual.

The mobile phone’s screen said TUESDAY, which was an event not very per, nor as, usual.

The inquisitive one meandered outside, as per, usually, always.

“What day is it?” the inquisitive one inquired of a nearby ant.

“TUESDAY!” screamed the ant.

(Ants have tiny voices. The ant had to scream to be heard by a creature as comparatively large as the inquisitive one.)

This was a wise and trustworthy ant. As the inquisitive one well knew.

The inquisitive one was baffled. And confused. And bewildered.

Then the inquisitive one, as per usual plus always per and as, had breakfast.

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