woman reading in darkened room

Are any of you book lovers struggling, as I am, to read the books on your bedside table right now? I’m drawn to the news, to the big topics of the day. I was commiserating with a friend about this, and she spontaneously thought up a list of readings, ranging from centuries ago to the present day, having to do with epidemics, plagues, and isolation.

And so I wrote an article (with her permission) on this amazingly relevant reading list, also adding a couple book ideas of my own. The article is now live on the Silent Book Club blog. (My working on this article partially explains my underachievement last Wednesday!)

Check out my new article Epidemics, Plagues, and Isolation for some awesome reading ideas, and thanks and love to my friend for the great ideas. I can’t wait to read some of these myself!

Thanks and love to all of you, too. Are you also having trouble concentrating on anything not disease or quarantine related? Do you have ideas for additions to this reading list?

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