three services in a circle - mix and match

Dear Blog Readers, Lovers of the Written Word, and Everyone Who Has Something to Say:

As of January 2021, I am offering writing, editing, and coaching services!

Do you have a book in you? Do you have a story, article, essay, report, or website in you? Is there another piece of writing that you’d like to bring into the world? Are you seeking professional writing or editing assistance? Are you seeking a mentor to guide you through some of the more difficult stretches of your unique writing journey?

Let’s talk about how we can work together to turn your literary dreams and career goals into reality!

View my new Services page.

My new Services page describes the three main services I offer:

  • Book Editor (or editor of anything—it doesn’t have to be a book)
  • Ghostwriter (or any kind of writer—I don’t have to be a ghost)
  • Writing Coach (or coach of anything related to writing or editing)

You can mix and match services. You can receive, for example, both editing and coaching services. You can also request writing, editing, or coaching services that I don’t specifically state that I offer.

In short, I offer services in the realm of writing, editing, and coaching about writing and editing. I help individuals who seek professional assistance in creating a polished, high-quality text.

Request a free 20-minute consultation.

I currently have several clients. I have availability in my schedule for more clients. Request a free consultation to reserve your spot!

Side note: I may have caused some confusion by floating the idea of becoming a tutor. I think this was about a year ago. I talked to several people about the idea, and I posted on Facebook about the idea. I have a background in K-12 teaching, including a teaching certificate, and I’m good at both English and math. So tutoring made sense, on the surface. However, upon hiring a career coach and doing some soul searching, I realized that full-time tutoring is no more my jam than full-time teaching was. I’m too much of an introvert to interact with people for the majority of my day. And I’m too much of a fanatic about my love for writing and editing to give it up, or to spend half of my day working in another subject (such as math). I suppose I have highfalutin’ ideas about wanting to save the world through teaching. (This isn’t surprising, as such ideas were drilled into our heads in my teacher training program.) But when I’m honest with myself, I know that saving the world through writing and editing is more my style. (Ha!) That being said, I have a strong desire to spend a portion of my time coaching people who are interested in improving their writing or editing skills and abilities. I love working with both adults and teens. So, this is the philosophy behind why I offer the services I offer. A big shoutout to my amazing career coach who helped me work all this out! And apologies for any confusion I may have caused as I worked out what I wanted my career to look like.