two women in fantasy world

It’s the year 2021. . . .


Imagine. . . . Humans have created fake humans with machine parts so sophisticated that they are all but indistinguishable from real humans. . . .

Imagine. . . . It’s 2021, and yet gender roles in America have, for some unknown reason, not progressed beyond the mid-1960s. . . .

Imagine. . . . THE FUTURE IS NOW!!!!!!!!

Blog readers, the science fiction novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? really is set in the year 2021. So this must be the perfect year to read it. To find out what we’re supposed to be experiencing. Am I right?

The novel, written by the brilliant and prolific author Philip K. Dick, was published in 1968. In 1982, a film based on the book was released, titled Blade Runner. The movie, as often (sadly, imho!) happens, made the book extremely famous. (The previews on this blog will be about the book, not the movie, which I have not seen.)

I loved this book. It is fast-paced and interesting, with wisdom and implications that still resonate today.

But the 2021 depicted in the book does not always (though it does sometimes!) resonate with the 2021 of today, often with hysterical results.

For instance, at one point, the protagonist, whose job is to hunt down androids, those humanlike machines, arrives on the roof where his flying car is parked. And then:

“He saw a phone booth, entered it, dropped in a coin, and, fingers shaking, dialed.”


I love it.

That’s what 2021 is like, folks.

Are you feeling futuristic this year?