brown and green contrast

We’re all human. And when you pan out, and pan out, and pan out the view, we’re all the same.

Yet each one of us is unique.

We’re all the same, and we’re all different.

Obvious? Yes. Maybe. Actually, not at all, when you’re just trying to survive your day.

Now check out this lovely passage from the novel Nothing to See Here, by Kevin Wilson. The protagonist is getting to know a fellow human who’s quite different from herself: He is male, a successful politician, and rich. She is female, a low-wage worker, and poor. Now watch how Wilson highlights their similarities and differences, all at the same time:

“He looked like he had no idea how anything in his life had fallen out the way that it had. I felt the same way.”

Isn’t that brilliant? They feel the same way, and yet one has all the advantages (plus a smidge of bad luck), while the other has all the disadvantages (plus a smidge of good luck).

Do you have any idea how anything in your life has fallen out the way that it has?

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