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After almost two years of suffering, I finally have a diagnosis and a treatment protocol!

My neurologist did an extensive review of my medical history. He determined that I have a rare medical condition that doesn’t have a name (other than the catchall term of post-concussion syndrome) and is poorly understood.

Here is my attempt at describing his diagnosis of my medical condition:

He called it a double whammy. First, prior to my concussion, I already had a sensitivity to the disruption of my neurotransmitters. Second, as a result of my concussion, my brain lost control of my fight-or-flight system, aka autonomic nervous system. Unable to control the flipping between the sympathetic and parasympathetic states, my brain has been experiencing these flips approximately 1,000 times a day. I calculated this to be about once a minute!

The result of the double whammy is that my brain has concussion setbacks, and I’m finding it nearly impossible to recover because I keep making progress but then falling backward and losing ground.

Here is my attempt at describing his treatment protocol for this condition:

My neurologist explained that he has had other patients who have suffered from this condition. He said there is no pill that can cure this problem, but patients have had success through changing their diet. He explained that he is doing research into the gut-brain connection; the same neurotransmitters located in the brain are also located in the gut. He said that when patients started eating differently—and the dietary changes were different for each person—they were able to reduce their setbacks and symptoms or even eliminate them entirely.

He used the words, “They were able to get their life back.”

That made me swoon inside.

I have a chance of getting my life back?!

Wow!! Honestly, this is the first glimmer of real hope I have had in more than a year.

And the solution sounds so simple: all I have to do is change what I eat!

The hard part is figuring out what changes my body needs. The hard part is also the waiting to see whether dietary changes will work for me; my neurologist made no promises.

I have begun the treatment protocol (he wants me to do three-week elimination diets) by going gluten free. So far, I feel great on this diet! But I’m only two weeks in, and these things take time.

Have you ever experienced a glimmer of hope within a long stretch of darkness?