chia parfait with kiwi and blueberries

For years, I have been hearing stories about people who have gained health benefits—even miraculous, lifesaving ones—from going gluten free.

I am now one of those people.

As I explained in a previous post, my neurologist told me that I have a rare medical condition causing post-concussion syndrome, including the occurrence of severe setbacks that were making it impossible for me to recover. He explained that the cure is a change in diet.

I eliminated gluten 8 weeks ago, and I have not had a single concussion setback in that stretch of time!!!!

This is such a miracle. I have been building up my brain stamina in peace, without having to worry about accidentally overdoing it and feeling miserable for days afterward. (On occasions when I did accidentally overdo it, my head hurt for a few hours, but the following day I felt perfectly fine.)

As my neurologist hinted I might, I am getting my life back!!!!

That being said, it will take me months to build back up to being able to perform life’s many activities for longer stretches of time. My brain is out of practice. However, it’s on a good trajectory. And, as we know, the current trajectory is more important than the current results.

Also: I got a blood test to check my allergies, which indicated that I do not have a gluten allergy (or any kind of food allergy), and I do not have celiac disease. However, I do, it seems, have a gluten sensitivity. My neurologist explained that it’s entirely possible for me to have no gastrointestinal symptoms (I have none) and still have a gluten sensitivity that started causing me problems when I got hit in the head.

Do you have any gluten-free stories of your own? I’d love to hear how eliminating gluten has altered your life, if it has. Not everyone has gluten sensitivities, but for those of us who do, the results of cutting out gluten can be dramatic, as I have seen firsthand! Tell me your stories in the comments!