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OMG, OMG, OMG. Everyone is talking about the Irish novelist Sally Rooney, . . . and now so am I.

I got caught in her web and could not stop reading. I read all three of her novels in a tear, and I loved each one to pieces. Reading Sally Rooney makes me feel like a girl again, eagerly clutching my book all day long, closing it only for meals, sometimes even taking the book to the dinner table. And when the book is finished, I lovingly set it where I can look at it daily and reminisce.

These are novels about love and modernity and romance and friendship and the literary life. These are novels about being different, coping with major struggles, and figuring out which people and situations you want in your life and which you do not. I very much recommend all three books, which I consider to be modern masterpieces:

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  • Beautiful World, Where Are You, 2021
  • Normal People, 2018
  • Conversations With Friends, 2017

I could drone on about these novels for nine more blog posts, three per book, and I would not get bored. But you might, . . . so I will restrict myself to one blog post per book, and we will have a Sally Rooney extravaganza for three upcoming blog posts! Sound like fun? Get ready for some literary flair!

Do you have a new favorite author right now?

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