Happy New Year!!

This is a good time of year to switch things up, and I’m thinking about making some changes to the blog. But first—I want your opinions.

A few days ago, I set about to create a survey on SurveyMonkey. But it turned out to be more of a time suck than I had anticipated, it was going to cost me money, and in the end I didn’t like the confines of the survey I had created.

Instead, let’s do this free form.

I’m wondering what you like about this blog, what you don’t like, and what changes you would like me to make in the future. I’m curious which categories you like and which you’d rather I leave behind (the categories are Book Previews, Guest Posts, Incidental Musings, News & Events, Photography Friday, and Tales). Would you like to see more practical posts about writing tips? About reading tips? About language and grammar? Would you like more posts about books? About the inquisitive one? About random stuff I notice in my life? Posts with personal stories? Posts with helpful facts? Inspiring posts?

Tell me your thoughts, and I’ll see what I can do about implementing some of them. (And be nice, please; I’m a person, too.)

You can send me your feedback by leaving a public comment on this blog post, or by sending me a private message through my Contact page.

Thanks for your opinions, and I hope your year is getting off to a great start!

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