leeks and carrots and other vegetables at market

“The food I eat and the amount I exercise are antidepressants that I prescribe.”
—Alex Riley, A Cure for Darkness

We have all heard that a healthy diet and enough exercise are good for you. But it bears repeating that they are really, really, really good for you. I keep reading about this, over and over, in various books and magazine articles. I’m also living it in my own life experiences.

The quote above is about mental health, but of course a healthy diet and enough exercise work wonders in the physical realm, too.

As a personal note, I have decided to cut out alcohol (again). It was making me feel physically sick inside. I could hardly take a sip of wine without feeling ill. That’s not to say that that choice is right for everyone, but that feels right for me, right now. No alcohol is the medicine I’m prescribing myself right now.

What medicine are you prescribing yourself?