the inquisitive one

It was already mid-January, but the inquisitive one figured, better late than never.

Sitting down at the kitchen table with a pencil and pad of paper, the i.o. started writing:

1. I will run to Mars and back, passing through the rings of Saturn on the way.
2. Whenever I notice something blue, I will turn my face upwards and howl.
3. I will wear a face mask every time I clean my set of crystal and gold goblets.
4. Whenever someone disagrees with me, I will punch them in the face and walk away.
5. I will go back in time, preferably to the time of the dinosaurs, and study the past.
6. I will heed the Wise Ant when the Wise Ant says something wise, but not otherwise.

I happened to be at the i.o.’s house at this time, standing over the i.o.’s shoulder, reading the list.

“These resolutions don’t make any sense,” I remonstrated. “You don’t even own a set of crystal and gold gobl—”

The inquisitive one punched me in the face and walked away.