Ouija board

This book needs no introduction other than the first two sentences of its introduction:

“This is the true story of the most singular prison break ever recorded—a clandestine wartime operation that involved no tunneling, no weapons, and no violence of any kind. Conceived during World War I, it relied on a scheme so outrageous it should never have worked: Two British officers escaped from an isolated Turkish prison camp by means of a Ouija board.”
—Margalit Fox, The Confidence Men

Did I read that right?! I thought, from the cute indie shop where I discovered this book. Two men broke out of a prison camp by means of a Ouija board?! How have I never heard this story before??

Indeed, The Confidence Men recounts the true story of two talented men who went to such extraordinary lengths to escape as cannot be described here in this blog post. Because I don’t want to give away what happened. But I’m telling you, outrageous is too tame a word for it.

Do you believe in ghosts?