man talking on phone in living room

Michael Chorost, author of Rebuilt, left a comment on my previous blog post about his book. I would like to reprint it here, in case you missed it:

“Liza, thank you for your insightful comments! I can add a little bit of context now that I’ve used cochlear implants for 22 years; when I wrote that I was just beginning. Thanks to advances in software, and to better hardware (I’m on my 5th generation of external processors now), the experience has greatly improved. Phone calls are usually easy now. And it’s all the better for having Bluetooth streaming, which yields a really clean, clear signal.

“But yes, at the beginning, it was quite the experience! Thanks again for reading and writing about my book.”

Mike, I’m so glad the technology has improved so much, and I’m glad phone calls are usually easy now! Thanks for your response, and best wishes!

Has your life improved over the past couple decades due to technology advances?