pink paper heart ripped almost in half

Prince Harry had a problem. He wanted a life partner. He wanted love, marriage, and a family. But he kept being stymied, and for the same reason. It wasn’t him that was the issue. It was the baggage that came with him.

“Chels said again that she just wasn’t sure if she was up for this. A lifetime of being stalked?
“What could I say?
“I’d miss her, so much. But I completely understood her desire for freedom.
“If I had a choice, I wouldn’t want this life either.”

This same scenario plays out again and again in Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare. Here it happens again with another young woman, Cress:

“She was always clear about not wanting to take on the stresses of being a royal, and I was never sure I wanted to ask her to do so, and this unalterable fact, though it had been lurking in the background for some time, became undeniable . . .”

Literally every girlfriend he has gets hounded by the press. And not only her, but her family and entire social network. Over and over, Harry’s wishes to have a partner remain unfulfilled, precisely because he is a prince.

How deeply sad.

Of course, in the end he finds Meghan, who is also hounded, along with her family and entire social network. But Meghan decides to stick it out, to join the circus, and she is still making headlines as of this week.

Have you ever been stymied in a life goal, over and over, for the same reason?