Yoda dog blanketed in a forest

After sharing some quality time with the toilet, the inquisitive one lay down in bed.

It was then that the light from the window started to very badly bother the inquisitive one. Many clouds—the inquisitive one knew, having been outside earlier—were covering the sky over. The clouds were like an unfinished quilt, not yet sewn together and tossed haphazardly on a bed; and the composition was variations on gray. Despite this, the light from the window was so bright! The light was so bright behind the inquisitive one’s closed eyelids!

The inquisitive one gently, very gently, rolled the other way, to face the wall instead of the window. The inquisitive one then smashed a second fluffy pillow atop, making a head sandwich. However, as the inquisitive one well knew, there was a choice that must be made: to fully block the brightness from piercing the eyelids and aggravating and annoying and irritating; or to breathe.

As always, the inquisitive one chose to breathe. Thus the light from the cloudy quilt blocks behind the window continued to cause the inquisitive one great penetrative agony.

That was when the inquisitive one realized that a more difficult choice must be made: to get up from this warm, comfy place and close the curtains; or to wait patiently, with the understanding that sleep would likely come regardless.

Neither choice was a good one. But, after much vacillating, gut-wrenching deliberation, a choice was finally made.

Sometime after that, the inquisitive one fell asleep.

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