the river so calm and clear

I have never seen the river so calm and clear. I had to take a picture. Maybe it will inspire a blog post?

A reader of this blog recently sent me this message and photo.

Yes, inspired! Let’s take time to appreciate the aspects of our lives that are calm and clear.

Further, let’s strive to bring calmness and clarity into more aspects of our lives.

I started my day today by meditating as part of the New Year’s Challenge from Ten Percent Happier. Today is the first day of the Challenge, and you can join for free if you’re interested in jumpstarting a 2020 meditation habit. (I am not affiliated with Ten Percent Happier—I just really like their books and app.)

And now, I shall strive to bring calmness and clarity into my day job, and also into two projects I’m working on: (1) preparing for my upcoming performance as a featured poet and (2) finalizing the e-resource for writers that I’m about to release. (See details about these two projects here!)

What is calm and clear in your life today? How can you bring more calmness and clarity into your day?