crowded restaurant

Yesterday evening, I was sitting in a restaurant with some friends. The tables were set closely together; it was one of those venues characterized as “cozy.” And it was cozy, but the decor was lovely, and the food was amazing.

Coziness is usually fine. A-OK. No prob. Last night, however, the woman sitting next to me was complaining, very loudly, about a coworker. Apparently, her coworker has a health issue whereby she misses work occasionally, but repeatedly. This coworker seems to be absent from work every other Monday. The woman sitting next to me was deeply offended by this. Oh, she ranted and raved! She explained to her companion that she has a somewhat similar health issue, but she doesn’t miss work that often! How dare this coworker take so many three-day weekends?

I have to stop this blog post right here, because this week I’m having another flare-up of health issues.