timepieces old and new technologies

Big things are happening over here! Concussion or no concussion! Mental health struggles or no mental health struggles! Arm issues or no arm issues! Don’t care—I’m making it happen.

Look at your favorite timepiece, of ancient or modern technological style. Mine says it’s Wednesday, May 20, 2020, around 8ish a.m., Eastern Time, in the Common Era. And then wait around, or do something, or whatever. And when some amount of time has passed . . . BAM!! Big news coming out of Liza Achilles-land. Wait for it.

Until then, ponder this strange tidbit of mental health news. Months ago, my doctor increased my dosage of psychiatric drugs. They still weren’t working, and he refused to increase them any more. So I stayed at that dosage until such TIME that I felt I’d gotten my anxiety under control. (YES: I really did it! It was hard! I’ll write about it one day.) Then I started to SLOWLY decrease the dosage. I’m decreasing by only 25 percent, every 10 days. (So, if I was taking 1 pill, after 10 days I would take 3/4 of that pill.) And I’m decreasing only one drug at a time. That seems to work. I’m having almost zero withdrawal symptoms.

But the point I wanted to make is, when my doc increased my dosage, I stopped dreaming. WHOA: that’s not cool! I would disappear like a rock, and emerge all woozy in the morning. Dreams are important to me. (For my thoughts on dreams and their importance, from what I think is a logical perspective, see my posts Dreams and Dreams. . . . An Update!)

So I’m proud to announce that, two nights ago, I started dreaming again! My dosage must be low enough to allow that.

Last night, I dreamed that a guy with a gun was stalking around, trying to kill me.

Hey, I’ll take it. I like dreams THAT MUCH! I’ve missed them. Glad they are back.

What have you been dreaming about? What are your big dreams and plans?