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I maintain a curated list on Bookshop called Books Previewed on the Blog About Seeking Wisdom. This is the ever-growing list of all the books I have previewed on this blog. Visiting this list and purchasing a book (even a book not on this list!) supports both this blog and independent booksellers.

I’m excited to announce that, today, Bookshop is featuring my list on its social media channels!

I invite you to check out the social media posts, like them, retweet or share them, comment on them, and generally give some love, if you can:

Buying from Bookshop may be pricier than some other options (think of a large rainforest in South America . . .), but, as a B corporation, Bookshop has committed to being a responsible employer and to serving the public good. Also, independent booksellers have been hard hit during the pandemic, and buying from Bookshop helps keep locally based, indie bookstores afloat during these hard times.

I am honored that Bookshop has featured my curated list today. A big thanks to Bookshop, and a big thanks to all my readers (you!!) for your love and support.

I have been obsessed with a certain article for the past two weeks. I can’t stop reading it and thinking about it. It’s too personal to share with the entire world, so I shared it with Patrons only. I invite you to become a Patron to access this post and lots of other bonus posts about seeking wisdom from books and elsewhere. Thanks for your support!

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