the inquisitive one

The inquisitive one, purportedly now in Canada, opened the front door to the house and walked inside.

Everything appeared to be where the inquisitive one had left it, before departing to storm the U.S. Capitol. The open box of Halloween costume supplies was still sitting in the middle of the living room. Butterflies were flitting around, per usual.

“You’re alive!” the i.o. cried in relief, walking into the kitchen and seeing that it was a mess, as always. Open honey jars and standing water were scattered here and there. This was a good thing, as it offered plenty of food and water for all the butterflies who lived with the inquisitive one.

“Of course I’m alive. You can see me, eh?” said the wise ant, strolling out of a hole in the kitchen wall.

“You’re alive, too!” cried the i.o. “I’ve missed you!”

“Some time has passed, eh?” said the wise ant.

“Why are you saying the word ‘eh’?” said the i.o.

“I don’t know, it’s a good word, eh?” said the wise ant.

“Are we really in Canada?” cried the inquisitive one. “I’m confused about where we are.”

The inquisitive one stepped to the window, wiped the condensation off, and peered out. The first thing the i.o. saw was a large, beautiful maple leaf, lying neatly upon a deck chair.

“A maple leaf!” cried the i.o.

“You’ve always had a maple tree growing in your backyard, eh?” said the wise ant.

“True,” sighed the i.o. “I think I’m going slightly insane. I’m going to go lie down now.”

The inquisitive one walked into the bedroom. There, upon the bedside table, was a large jug of maple syrup. Leaning against the bedside table was a hockey stick and various hockey pads.

The inquisitive one rolled into bed and fell asleep under a thick layer of blankets.