the inquisitive one

“Caffeine is bad for you,” said the doctor to the inquisitive one. “Do not drink it.”

“Loud colors are obnoxious in clothing,” said the friend to the inquisitive one. “Wear black.”

“Running is bad for you,” said the neighbor to the inquisitive one. “You will end up hurting yourself more than helping yourself.”

“Work on this soul-sucking project,” said the boss to the inquisitive one. “It’s pointless and boring, but I insist that you do it anyway.”

All of this happened in the same morning. The inquisitive one started to feel more than a little annoyed.

But then, in the early afternoon, the i.o. brewed a cup of black tea and, relaxing on the couch, drank the whole thing. Then the i.o. put on the brightest running outfit in the closet, full of florescent orange and yellow colors. That was when the i.o. went on a long, rejuvenating run.

And then, once back home and showered, the inquisitive one got to work on the boring project, putting as much attention and care into it as if it were the i.o.’s truest heart’s desire.