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I am excited and honored to announce that Beltway Editions will be publishing my book of poetry!

The book is called Two Novembers: A Memoir of Love ’n’ Sex in Sonnets. In 2016, I fell in love and began writing Shakespearean sonnets addressed to my love interest. Over the next year, November 2016 through November 2017 (hence the title of the collection), I continued to chronicle my love life through sonnets. The poems express the ups and downs of love, and many of them are humorous.

We are only at the beginning stages of turning my manuscript into a physical book. I will keep you updated here on this blog about how the publishing process is going and when you can order a copy. The book will be published sometime in 2024.

This is truly a dream come true—I have been striving to be a book author since I made that goal for myself around the year 2000. Here I am, more than two decades later, with a book making its way through the publishing process.

Keep it here for more information. I promise to keep you posted!