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Now that my book of poetry is on its way to publication, I know I should start another book. This is common advice given to writers. Once you finish one book, don’t sit around and wait for publication, or for you to become an overnight millionaire. (Right!) Don’t dwell on the specifics of the last book. Start your next book.

Books take a lot of time to write. At least months. More often, in my experience, years. There’s no time like the present. And sometimes the hardest part is getting started. Getting that momentum going.

I don’t have book momentum right now. I’m actually feeling a little blocked, but that’s just another way of saying that my mind is full of other things. And I don’t have mind space for another big project. I’ve been doing a lot. My day job has been unusually busy. I’m dating. I’m organizing and hosting my Silent Book Club. I’m always, always, always working on my physical and mental health: that neverending project.

But I must make time for writing my next book. It’s important to me. It’s what I do; it’s who I am.

I feel as if I have been procrastinating. But that’s just another way of saying I haven’t been able to make space. Mental space. Time space. Space space—as if my home office has become a venue for work, not artistic play.

I’m going to get started today. I need more artistic play in my life.

Do you?