Yoda dog blanketed in a forest

The inquisitive one was on a long nature walk and became very thirsty and hungry. It was then that the inquisitive one came to two forks in the road.

To the left, the road widened to a more-traveled, gravelly way that went past some old Victorian houses and out to a street. In the distance, the inquisitive one saw florescent signs that might be a convenience store, gas station, or restaurant. In the inquisitive one’s pocket was a credit card.

The less-traveled road, to the right, narrowed to a small path. The inquisitive one could not see where the small path led but thought it might eventually end at the parking lot near the trailhead. In the inquisitive one’s car was a little cooler with ice water and a sandwich.

That was the first fork in the road. The second was made of stainless steel.

The inquisitive one picked up the second fork and said, “When this fork lands, and comes to a rest, wherever its tines are pointing is the direction I will go!” The inquisitive one flung the second fork high in the air, putting a large amount of spin on it.

And the second fork landed directly between the two ways of the first fork, slamming tines-down into a muddy patch. The second fork vibrated for a second and then rested, stuck out of the ground like that.

Smiling, the inquisitive one resumed walking.