Liza Achilles performing at Poetry at the Port as a featured poet
Poetry Night Recap

Here’s a photo from my poetry performance two evenings ago. My sister-in-law Anne Tartaglia did an amazing job of capturing some of the most dramatic moments. Check out all the photos on my new Events page! And if you missed this week’s performance, no worries—I’ll be performing again soon. Check the Events page for future updates.

FAQ on the Inquisitive One

I’ve been getting so many inquiries about the inquisitive one that I decided to put up a little FAQ section on my The I.O. page.

And then the inquisitive one heard about all of these inquiries from you and expressed interest in connecting with each and every one of you! You are cordially invited to say hi to the inquisitive one on the The I.O. page.

Best Of

I’ve compiled a little list of some of my most popular and informative blog posts and articles. Check them out on my new Best Of page.

What’s fun and happy in your life this week?